Public Safety Building

Cell Phones and 9-1-1

Cell phones are a little different. 9-1-1 calls made from cell phones do not always go to the tower you would logically expect. Cell calls made in the Page area may skip to a tower that sends the call to San Juan County, UT; Flagstaff, AZ; Kanab, UT; etc. This can result in some confusion, so it is very important to be explicit about your location. These calls are easily transferred between different dispatch centers as soon as the caller’s location has been determined.

Despite all the functionality of cell phones today, the 9-1-1 network is limited in its ability to locate you. With some 9-1-1 cell calls (Phase II), dispatchers will get an approximate location, but they cannot “pin point” you. Please be prepared to give your location on all 9-1-1 cell phone calls.