City of Page

The City of Page is one of the youngest communities in the United States. Page is a small town located in northern Arizona near the shores of beautiful Lake Powell. The City is located approximately five hours north of Phoenix and five hours east of Las Hot Air Balloon Over PageVegas. The town began in 1957 as a housing camp for workers building nearby Glen Canyon Dam. In 1958, some 24 square miles of Navajo land were exchanged for a larger tract in Utah and "Government Camp" (later called Page in honor of Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner John C. Page) was born. During the seven years required to construct the dam, Page was a federal municipality. It became an incorporated town on March 1, 1975 and is now home to more than 9,000 people.

It took seventeen years for Lake Powell to reach "full pool," but the lake was drawing crowds well before it was full. Boating, fishing and other recreational activities immediately became popular on the new lake. Wahweap Marina (the largest marina on the lake) and Antelope Point Marina are located just outside of Page. Today some 3 million people visit the lake annually making Page a thriving community supporting many businesses involved in recreation and tourism.

Page is in the center of the Grand Circle, the largest concentration of National Parks and Monuments in the United States. Some of the country's most diverse scenery can be found within the Grand Circle, which includes over 40 National Parks, National Recreation Areas, National Monuments, and Tribal Parks, including the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Rainbow Bridge, Monument Valley and Arches National Park. The area in and around Page has unique and breathtaking panoramas and a rich in cultural history.

The Navajo Nation is located adjacent to Page. It covers more than 16 million acres (27,000 square miles) and extends into both Utah and New Mexico. Today the Navajo Nation is home to about 200,000 tribal members. Some of the most rugged and starkly beautiful land in America is located on Tribal land south of Lake Powell.