Patrol Services

Patrol VehiclesThe largest division of the police department, the Patrol Division is comprised of 1 Lieutenant, 3 Sergeants and 10 Patrol Officers. The division is responsible for providing around the clock police protection for the city. Officers assigned to the patrol division are highly trained and are held to the highest degree of integrity and honesty. Their compassion shines brightly in their daily patrol work and community involvement.

Common patrol activities include proactive police patrol and crime prevention, traffic control and enforcement, the initial investigation and documentation of crimes, and the enforcement of all city ordinances, state laws, and federal laws. In addition to their usual duties, the patrol division provides services such as:

  • K9 (drug enforcement)
  • DUI Details
  • Bike Patrol
  • Crime Free Housing
  • Vacation Watch
  • Neighborhood Watch

It is the patrol division's goal to provide excellent services to the community we serve. Through innovative policing practices and partnerships we are committed to keeping the City of Page a safe and wonderful place to live, work and visit.