Freshman Focus

The Freshman Focus program is a hands-on anti-drug and alcohol program. It gives several simulations and hands-on experiences showing the dire consequences of using drugs and alcohol. The program targets the freshman class of the Page High School. It is intended to be held annually during a regularly scheduled school day so that each graduating class will have participated. The program is broken down into several portions.

The workstation portion of the event is hosted by many different surrounding agencies including but not limited to Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, Search and Rescue, and Health Services. The Page Police Department operates a DUI driving simulation in which the students drive golf carts through a course made up of cones with Fatal Vision goggles on. This simulates the impaired state they might experience if they were to use drugs or alcohol and then operate a motor vehicle. Other stations include the DPS roll over simulator, NPS boating safety, NPS dive team/sonar submarine, Page Fire team work activity, Classic Helicopter orientation/walk-through, and the CBHS impairment/counseling workstation.

The second portion of the program simulates a series of events and consequences resulting from a group of students making a poor decision. It starts off with a skit depicting several students drinking at a party and then deciding to drive home. Then the students hear a recording of several mock 911 calls reporting an accident in front of the school. A mock accident scene is set up in front of the school and the various law enforcement agencies participating respond to the accident scene and provide traffic control. Page Fire/EMS then arrives on scene to provide treatment for the injured students. Classic Helicopter Services arrives on scene in their helicopter and transports one student from the scene. One student is pronounced dead on the scene. The students then walk past a mock funeral scene set up by Mosdell Mortuary. Once back inside the students watch a mock trial in which the driver of the vehicle is sentenced to the maximum penalty for vehicular homicide and DUI.