Serving Our Seniors Program

The Serving Our Seniors (SOS) program started on April 1, 2004. The program was modeled after a program originally started about 30 years ago by the Wolfeboro Police Department in New Hampshire after three elderly people died alone in the residences over a two-month period of time. They decided to have their elderly residents who were living alone check in with the police department every morning.

The Page Police Department felt this was a very worthwhile program and something to benefit the residents of Page. As a result, the Serving Our Seniors Program was started.

Participants call the Page Police Department every morning between 8:00 am and 10:00 am. If the police department does not hear from them, the department calls their home. If there is no answer at the house, an officer is dispatched to check the residence and make sure the person is okay.

This daily contact is very re-assuring to the families of the people living alone. It is also very enjoyable for the Records Division and the Communications Division who have the pleasure of talking to these people every morning.

Anyone interested in joining the SOS Program should contact the Page Police Department at (928)645-4355.