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Woman with Knife Arrested

PAGE, AZ (December 21, 2015):On December 19, 2015 at approximately 4:16 p.m. the Page Police Department received a call of a female holding a knife and chasing after a male on Colorado Street in Page, Arizona.

At approximately 4:18 p.m. officers arrived at Ponderosa and Cypress Street and observed a male wearing a gray sweater being followed by a female wearing a black sweater. Officers observed the male pointing at the female and yelled for them to put both their hands up. The female was detained and identified as 27-year-old Krystal DIAZ from Page. When patting down her pockets DIAZ stated she had a knife in her back right pocket. A blue pocket knife was pulled out of her pocket and DIAZ was placed into a patrol unit. She was read her Miranda Rights and she stated she gave the male person money to buy her a vodka bottle earlier. DIAZ stated when he returned he didn’t want to give her the vodka bottle and told her he was going to rob her of the vodka bottle. DIAZ stated the male told her he was going to beat her up and she pulled out her knife. DIAZ was reported following the male person from Colorado Street to Ponderosa Street and Cypress Street.  Officers observed DIAZ to be emitting a strong odor of intoxicating liquor from her breath.

Officers identified the victim as a 27-year-old male from Kayenta, AZ.  The victim stated he didn’t know the female. He was walking with his girlfriend when DIAZ walked up on him and started following him. The victim stated they had a liquor bottle and when DIAZ saw it she wanted the liquor bottle. He stated DIAZ swung the knife at him but he kept walking away.

DIAZ was arrested for disorderly conduct with a dangerous instrument at Ponderosa Street and Cypress Street in Page. She was booked into the Coconino County Jail.

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