Career Opportunities

Chief Welcomes EmployeeThank you for considering an exciting career with Page Police Department. Our department holds a promising future for individuals who are genuinely interested in a challenging career to protect and serve our great community. Page Police Department is dedicated to providing a quality work environment and the development of its members through effective training and leadership. Our team of highly-skilled and energetic public safety professionals is committed to serving the community with courage, compassion, and integrity.

Applicants for both sworn and civilian positions must complete a City of Page Application for Employment, Drug and Alcohol Testing Acknowledgement, Arizona POST Application, Arizona POST Medical History Questionnaire, and background check consent forms. All documents must be completed and notarized, as necessary, to move forward in the selection process.


Position Opening Date: Closing Date: Salary Range: Link To Job Details
Patrol Officer 07/29/2015  Until Filled  60 Tap Here
Communications Specialist 11/04/2016 11/09/2017  46 Tap Here
Records Clerk 07/06/2017  Until Filled $13.55 - $21.00/hr Tap Here

Page Police Department serves one of the youngest communities in the United States. The City of Page is located in northern Arizona near the shores of beautiful Lake Powell, approximately five hours north of Phoenix and five hours east of Las Vegas. At an elevation of 4,118 ft, Page has an arid climate with very little precipitation. The population is approximately 9,000 people; however, the adjacent Navajo Nation, neighboring communities, and tourism increase the population significantly. Page sits in the center of over 40 National Parks, National Recreation Areas, National Monuments, State Parks and Tribal Parks. Its central location and stunning western panoramas make it the perfect home base for anyone interested in hiking, biking, boating, and off-road adventure.

Our department of about thirty-five employees offers a challenging and rewarding career with a competitive salary and benefit package. Working for a smaller department gives team members many hands on and training opportunities that may not be available in larger departments; making it a fun and exciting place to work.

All employees receive a competitive salary and benefit package that includes:

  • Health insurance (medical, dental and vision) at $100 per month for individual, $200 per month for entire family
  • Life insurance provided at no cost (1X annual salary), additional may be purchased
  • Worker's compensation, long and short disability
  • 10 vacation days per year, increasing after 5 years of service
  • 10 paid holidays per year
  • 12 sick days per year
  • 3 personal days per year
  • State of Arizona 25-year Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) for Officers
  • State of Arizona Retirement System (ASRS) for civilian employees
  • Great working environment with a motivated staff.
  • Department uniforms including weapon, ballistic vest, duty belt with accessories and boots provided upon hiring
  • $800 taxable uniform allowance per year to maintain/replace uniforms and equipment

An applicant must meet the minimum qualifications as stated on the job description. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of prior training, experience, and education in the areas deemed most important to successful performance on the job. The highest-rated candidates are invited to move forward to the testing process.

1. Complete and submit application packet to the City of Page Human Resource Department.

Your application will be reviewed and the most qualified applicants will be invited to the testing process.

2. Attend Testing

If invited to the testing process, applicants must arrive with a photo ID or they will not be eligible.

Applicants must obtain a passing score on each step of the testing procedure to remain eligible in the hiring process. Should an applicant fail any portion they will be removed from consideration and will need to re-apply.

  • Written Exam -There is no law enforcement experience required for this exam and no study guides available. If you pass the written test you will take the physical agility test the same day.
  • Physical AgilityTest (Officers Only) - Applicants will be required to complete the Peace Officer Physical Aptitude Test (POPAT). POPAT is structured into a number of events that have specific scoring criteria. POPAT is based on a point score system and a minimum of 384 points is required to successfully complete the test. The total sum of all the events is considered for the final point score and the results will be converted to a pass/fail score. With the exception of the 500 yard run, each test may be administered twice, giving the applicant two opportunities to pass the test. Events include:
    • 99 Yard Obstacle Course - run a 99 yard obstacle course consisting of several sharp turns, a number of curb height obstacles and a 34-inch high obstacle that must be vaulted
    • Body Drag - lift and drag a 165 pound dummy 32 feet
    • Chain-link Fence Climb - run five yards to a 6-foot chain link fence, climb over the fence and continue running another 25 yards
    • Solid Wall Climb - run five yards to a 6 foot solid wall, climb over the wall and continue running another 25 yards
    • 500 Yard Run - run 500
  • Oral Board - If you pass the written and physical tests, you will be for an Oral Board Interview. Oral Board interviews are normally scheduled the same day, so make sure you have an appropriate change of clothing.

3. Background Interview and Investigation

A thorough background investigation, as outlined by Arizona POST, shall be performed on each candidate.

4. Polygraph examination

5. Psychological exam

6. Conditional Job Offer

7. Medical examination/TB test

8. Drug screen

The hiring process may vary if determined necessary. Falsification, omission, misrepresentation or deception in any stage of the process will result in your immediate removal from consideration.

This process is very competitive and may take two to three months to complete. We only consider the most highly qualified applicants.

Note: Civilian employees are not required to complete the physical test. However, there may be additional testing requirements depending on the position.

Prospective Page Police Officers must meet all of the following minimum Arizona POST requirements:

  • Be a United States citizen;
  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Be a high school graduate or have successfully completed a General Education Development (G.E.D.) examination;
  • Undergo a complete background investigation;
  • Undergo a medical examination;
  • Not have been convicted of a felony or any offense that would be a felony if committed in Arizona;
  • Not have been dishonorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces;
  • Not have been previously denied certified status, have certified status revoked, or have current certified status suspended;
  • Not have illegally sold, produced, cultivated or transported for sale marijuana;
  • Not have illegally used marijuana for any purpose within the past three years;
  • Not have ever illegally used marijuana other than for experimentation;
  • Not have ever illegally used marijuana while employed or appointed as a peace officer;
  • Not have illegally sold, produced, cultivated or transported for sale a dangerous drug or narcotic;
  • Not have illegally used a dangerous drug or narcotic, other than marijuana, for any purpose within the past seven years;
  • Not have ever illegally used a dangerous drug or narcotic other than for experimentation;
  • Not have ever illegally used a dangerous drug or narcotic while employed or appointed as a peace officer;
  • Not have a pattern of abuse of prescription medication;
  • Undergo a polygraph examination; and
  • Not have been convicted of or adjudged to have violated traffic regulations governing the movement of vehicles with a frequency within the past three years that indicates a disrespect for traffic laws or a disregard for the safety of other persons on the highway.

The illegal use of marijuana, or a dangerous drug or narcotic is presumed to be not for experimentation if:

  • The use of marijuana exceeds a total of 20 times or exceeds five times since the age of 21 years; or
  • The use of any dangerous drug or narcotic, other than marijuana, in any combination exceeds a total of five times or exceeds one time since the age of 21 years.

The above list of minimum qualifications is not all inclusive. Applicants must also meet prescribed vision, color vision, hearing and/or other Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board medical standards. Requirements are determined by the City of Page and the State of Arizona.

Our goal is to ensure that each applicant is fairly treated and fully recognized for all relevant experience and training. Please assist us by carefully reading the following guidelines before filling out your application. You are encouraged to call Lt. Larry Jones at (928)645-4378 or the Human Resources Department at (928) 645-4231 if you need further assistance.

The City of Page only accepts applications for open positions. Please note the closing date of the position for which you are applying.

If there are positions for which you qualify, complete the City of Page Employment Application(Works best with Internet Explorer).

Additionally, police department applicants must complete:

  • Arizona POST Statement of Personal History and Application for Certification and
  • Arizona POST Medical History Questionnaire

Your application is the first step toward employment with the City of Page. You should make certain that each answer is complete and easy to read. A separate application is required for each open position.

Your application introduces you to us. Therefore, you should provide detailed information about your experience and education. You may add additional pages if you wish. Do not let the application form limit you in your transmittal of information to us. You may, of course, attach a detailed resume to your application.

You should make certain that you clearly provide us with information about prior training, experience, and education in the areas indicated on the job description.

When applying for any job with the police department, either civilian or sworn, you must complete both City of Page and Arizona POST forms. If you are picking up the forms in person or requesting they be mailed to you, please make sure to state you are applying for a job with the police department in order to receive all the necessary paperwork. Applications may be obtained in four ways:

  • Online forms
    • City of Page Employment Application, may be completed online or downloaded (Works best with Internet Explorer).
    • Arizona POST Statement of Personal History and Application for Certification, download only
    • Arizona POST Medical History Questionnaire, download only
  • Visit the City of Page Human Resources page.
  • Pick up an employment application at the City Hall located at 697 Vista Avenue, Page, Arizona.
  • Request that an employment application form be sent to you via U.S. Mail by calling Human Resources at (928) 645-4231.

Completed application packets may be submitted by:

  • mail to City of Page Human Resources Department, PO Box 1180, Page, Arizona 86040;
  • fax to (928) 645-4233 with the original sent by mail to City of Page Human Resources Department, PO Box 1180, Page, Arizona 86040; or
  • personally delivered to City Hall at 697 Vista Avenue, Page, Arizona.

The City of Page assures equal employment opportunity to all persons based solely on ability, regardless of race, color, religion, disability, sex, orientation, age, national origin, or marital status.

For recruitment questions or information, please contact:

Lt. Larry Jones by phone at (928)645-4378 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or

City of Page Human Resources Department at (928)645-4231